Mindstrong Chauvin

We’re proud that our recent DPhil student, Josh Chauvin, will be joining the new start-up Mindstrong which aims to transform healthcare for those with neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders through measurement-based care using technology. By collecting and analysing real-time, meaningful data from smartphones to identify and track illness trajectory, Mindstrong aims to precision-map behavioural changes for intervention in, and ultimately prevention of, neuropsychiatric illnesses. This anonymised data can then potentially be used to connect people with peer support and counselling, and with professional advice and treatment.
Josh will be helping to manage their business expansion and partnership engagement efforts in the UK and in the EU. In this capacity, Josh will be able to pursue his passion and commitment to improving mental health outcomes for those with neuropsychiatric disorders. What an exciting adventure! We wish him every success, and hope to be able to collaborate on this important and cutting-edge work.
Josh Chauvin for Mindstrong piece